Top 5 Wednesday | Favorite Non-Canon Ships

I’m actually cheating for this post, because this was the topic for last Wednesday, but in my defense, I didn’t know about Top 5 Wednesday until I read someone’s Favorite Non-Canon Ships post. Had I known before, you better believe I’d have been all over this topic last week. My list is comprised of television couples and book pairings my shipper heart is lusting after.


  1. Prentiss & Reid. Yep. From Criminal Minds. I don’t know what it is, but when those two hit the screen together, my imagination runs wild. And usually straight to the bedroom. I think Reid and Prentiss would be constant challenges for each other and be able to keep each other on their toes. I just love the idea of them.
  2. Brucas. Brook and Lucas from One Tree Hill. I’m not gonna lie. When someone mentions Leyton, I throw up a little in my mouth if only in spirit. Talk about a couple with zero chemistry. It was way too much brooding when they were together, and too depressing to be sexy. Brooke and Lucas, on the other hand, oozed flirtiness, fun and sexiness. I loved the way Brooke brought out his wild side.
  3. Isaac & Monica from The Fault in Our Stars. Yeah, I know. I should probably hate Monica for what she did to Isaac. But this was just a young woman, and it would have been plausible that she’d been overwhelmed and cut and run, then regretted her decision and ran to Isaac, begging him to take her back. In fact, in my head, this totally happens.
  4. Marcus & Trick from The Phoenix Pack series. Let’s be honest – Suzanne Wright pens amazing sex scenes, and I would love to see some M/M steam from her. And since we all know Marcus and Trick ‘scratched each other’s itches occasionally,’ I would have loved to read about them together. Long term. Having sex. And lots of it.
  5. Prentiss & Doyle. Right. So…he’s dead and he tried to kill her. But before all that, with their flashbacks, Prentiss and Doyle had chemistry that was off the charts, and I still feel like their story is unfinished. Again, Criminal Minds in case you didn’t know. It was my crack back in the day!

So there you are. My Top 5 Non-Canon Ships. I’d love to know who some of yours are!


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