Top Ten Tuesday | Books I Loved but Never Wrote a Review for

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish, and this week I get to pull from the archives to write a Top Ten of my choosing. Today, I’ll be sharing ten books that I loved  but never wrote a review for. Be warned – most of these books are from ‘back in the day,’ and I’m hoping to re-read and review some of them. In my opinion, these picks are timeless and deserve endless amounts of reader love!

out-of-control  10 Out of Control by Suzanne Brockmann

I don’t remember every single thing about this book, but back in the day, I blew through the Troubleshooters. I remember that with her third book, Brockmann had really hit her stride with this series, and the fourth (still my favorite) ensured I’d be sticking with this cast of characters. I can’t say enough good things about this series.

On Dublin Street.jpg  9 On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

I feel guilty for not reviewing this book, and I swear I eventually will, but this book was so damn good. I just know my review won’t do it justice. I loved everything about this book from the introduction of Joss and her tragedy to her meeting with Braden, to their happily ever after. This is the book that really made me love audio. I was so desperate to reread that I forced myself to listen to it, and now I’m an audio lover!

almost-heaven  8 Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught

I have so much love for this author’s books. Ian was the perfect hero, and I adored Elizabeth. I am so afraid there will never be a new release from her, and it breaks my heart. When it comes to romance, historical or contemporary, Judith McNaught is incomparable.

paradise  7

Paradise by Judith McNaught

Might as well knock both of my favorite JMs out while I’m at it! Character depth is often an issue for me in CR, but when you cut your teeth on the likes of Judith McNaught, it’s bound to happen. It makes sense that Matt and Ian are my favorites, since Matt really is the modern day Ian. Again, if I never read another new book from McNaught, it will be devastating for me. I remember finishing this book at four in the morning and sobbing uncontrollably. I still haven’t been able to let this book go.

cry-no-more  6

Cry No More by Linda Howard

From one book that made me sob to another…Cry No More was a killer of a book. Holy roller coaster ride. Diaz was just the kind of alpha hero I love, and this book had such an impact that I was devastated for weeks after reading it.

written-in-red  5

Written in Red by Anne Bishop

Ummmm…there really is no excuse for this except that the blog I was with had already read and reviewed this book, and I was desperate to get to the next one. 🙂

bet-me  4

Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie

This book was so much fun. I learned to make Chicken Marsala because of this book, and to this day, I’m sad that there’s not a Krispy Kreme near me.

dance-with-the-devil  3

Dance with the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I’m starting to think that this Top Ten could be called ‘books that gutted me.’ Zarek’s book definitely did that. It was the highlight of this series for me (what can I say? I love a tortured hero,) and this is another one I can’t wait to get a chance to reread. Maybe audio can make that happen sooner!

it-happened-one-autumn  2

It Happened one Autumn by Lisa Kleypas

I remember having to wait for the books in this series to come out one by one, and it nearly killed me. (Sometimes I can be dramatic.) This one was my favorite, and I’m so glad Lisa Kleypas is writing Historical Romance again!

flirting-with-danger  1

Flirting with Danger by Suzanne Enoch

I know I’ve said this before, but Rick was my first billionaire love. This series was so much fun, and I can never resist a British accent – even if it’s in my own head, apparently. This is the perfect poolside read, and yeah. It’s another one I can’t wait to re-read!

Sometimes it can be intimidating to write a review for a book you love. And it’s not just about doing it justice – there are simply no words to articulate your love for a particular story. Sometimes time just gets away from you, and then there are times when it’s just that you’re so old, the books you read pre-date on-line review writing. All of those can be applied to me, but one day, when I have a moment to spare, I plan to reread and review these books I’ve loved that have stuck with me.

28 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Books I Loved but Never Wrote a Review for

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    1. None in my area, unfortunately. I’ve only read the one Linda Howard. I think I started with one of her more emotional ones, but it makes me feel like I need to work up to picking another one up.


  1. I started a thing last year where every three months or so I’ll pick up a book I read pre-review days and reread and review it. I’ve enjoyed doing it. I agree with what you said about some books being soooo good that it’s intimidating or even tough to articulate enough for a review.

    You’ve got some good ones on your list.


  2. Zarek!!! OMG yes! I loved him ❤ That was one of my favorites as well. I read it pre-blog, though, so no reviews for that series. #sadness lol


  3. Hahaha! This is such a good idea for a list! 🙂 I actually can’t even find my review of the second book in The Others series, and the only thing I can possibly think of is that a) I moved on too quickly and then couldn’t remember what was in 2 and what was in 3, or b) I wrote one for my blog at the time and didn’t get it on Goodreads, and now that blog’s data is *poof*

    But I’ve got LOTS of others that I never wrote reviews for for one reason or another, mostly from before I started blogging. Some of my favorite books/authors to push on people don’t have reviews to back it up for that reason!


  4. You have such a wonderful list here!! I adored the Troubleshooters, I flew through those like crazy and the majority of them were audiobooks (which the narrators chosen were superb). I just couldn’t get enough of the characters and the action and the swoony romance and the laughter too. I also had a fun time with On Dublin Street, I was nervous about it because sometimes super hyped books I don’t agree with, but I fell hard for that one.


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