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I’m not sure why I don’t do them more often since I love to read everyone else’s answers, but Book Tags are just something you don’t see very often on my blog. But when I saw this one on another blog over the weekend, I knew immediately I wanted to do it. So even though I wasn’t tagged for this one, I stole it from Danielle at The Chronicles of Danielle, but she has assured me she doesn’t mind. I am not sure where this book tag originated (neither is she,) but if anyone is in the know, I’d love to be able to credit the tag-maker.

You must be honest
You must answer all the questions
You must tag at least 4 people (I’ll be breaking this one and tagging the whole internet. Go big or go home!)

1. What book has been on your shelf the longest?

I’m really not sure, but I know that my copy of Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great by Judy Blume is the original copy I had from when I was a little girl. I’ll probably never give this one up.

2. What is your current read, your last read, and the book you’ll read next?

My current reads are Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop and The Spring Bride by Anne Gracie, both of which I am loving. My last read was The Winter Bride by Anne Gracie, and my next read will be Stealing Mr. Right by Tamara Morgan.

3. What book did everyone like, but you hated?

Fifty Shades of Grey. I’m going to leave it at that and not go into detail. I think books are very personal, and the reasons I don’t love it may be ones that made other readers love it.

4. What book do you keep telling yourself you’ll read, but you probably won’t?

The Mercy Thompson and Alpha & Omega series. I so want to love these books, but I read the first in each series, and they just didn’t grab me. I feel like it’s me, and I should love, and if I just read more I will love it, but I just can’t bring myself to pick them up.

5. What book are you saving for retirement?

Ummm…none. I’m all about instant gratification. If I want a book, I want it now.

6. Last page: read it first, or wait ’til the end?

Wait ’til the end. I mean, let’s be real, in this electronic age I scroll to the end so see how much percentage the book actually is. I don’t want to be surprised and/or disappointed if a book ends at 76%. But I won’t read the last page.

7. Acknowledgement: waste of paper and ink, or interesting aside?

I like that the author takes time to acknowledge those who helped or are important to them. I’d never weigh in telling someone that being thankful is a waste of space.

8. Which book character would you switch places with?

Oh, there are so many. Probably Meg Corbyn from The Others series. I love the world, and I want to see how far I could push Simon before he finally retaliated.

9. Do you have a book that reminds you of something specific in your life? (Place, time, person?)

Yes, my copy of Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great. As happens when you are younger, I had a fight with my friend. Petty stuff, I’m sure. Well, I needed to return her jean jacket, so I left it on the edge of my yard hanging from a tree branch. She, in turn, drew a heart on the cover of the book she’d borrowed from me. I still giggle when I look at it.

10. Name a book that you acquired in an interesting way.

I don’t really have any books that I acquired in an interesting way. My Life Application Bible (which I had wanted for the longest time,) was a gift from my parents, and I treasure it. A special way, but not all that interesting.

11. Have you ever given a book away for a special reason to a special person?

Sure. I gave a signed copy of a Tiffany Reisz book to a friend. I was able to meet the author at a signing, and since my friend was the one who introduced me to her writing, I wanted to do something nice for her. So I got her a signed copy of her favorite Tiffany Reisz book.

12. Which book has been with you most places?

Paradise by Judith McNaught, I would think. I found a copy of the hardback at a used book store years ago, and I still love seeing it on my bookshelf.

13. Any “required reading” you hated in high school that wasn’t so bad two years later?

No. I loved everything I read in high school, but I think it was because people were forced to talk to me about those books when I rarely had anyone to talk to books about!

14. Used or brand new?

Used. There’s just something about used books that I love, but even more, used bookstores. Used bookstore owners can talk for hours about reading. What’s not to love about that?

15. Have you ever read a Dan Brown book?

No. I have no interest in his books.

16. Have you ever seen a movie you liked more than the book?

Almost every Nicolas Sparks book, but most especially The Notebook. I don’t know how many times I tried reading that book. I just never could. Until I saw the movie. There was a certain part that was going to make or break Allie and Noah’s love story for me, and I needed clarification. Only then was I able to read it.

17. Have you ever read a book that’s made you hungry, cookbooks included?

Yes! Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie made me crave Krispy Kreme, and I learned how to make Chicken Marsala because of that book.

18. Who is the person whose book advice you’ll always take?

My friend Regina who I met at Goodreads and then later became a blogging buddy on Badass Book Reviews. She has this uncanny ability to pinpoint books I’ll love regardless of whether or not she likes them. She introduced me to Ellen O’Connell, Maya Banks (I only like her historicals,) and Pamela Clare (again, only the historicals.) They’re still some of my favorites!

19. Is there a book out of your comfort zone (e.g., outside your usual reading genre) that you ended up loving?

Yes. Angelfall by Susan Ee and Written in Red by Anne Bishop. Both are beginnings of series, and both are out of my comfort zone. I love them both, have read them many times, and can’t imagine not having read them!

The thing I loved about this tag was that I feel like it really gives you some insight into a blogger’s tastes. I loved answering these questions, and if you think you would, too, consider yourself tagged. Just let me know you’ve done it so I can stop by and read your answers! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Book Tag | I Dare You

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  1. Going to the end of your book and clicking back to see where the end is is a good idea. I’ve never done that. I’ve always been surprised, and then either disappointed that it ended early, or thankful that it was over. 😀

    I loved reading these answers!


    1. Yes. I know someone who took a star off because the book ended earlier than they expected, and I thought that was so unfair. And depending on the publisher, not the author’s fault!

      Thankful that it’s over. LOL!


  2. Yes, that was a neat tag, Angie. You don’t have to look all over the place for the answers and it’s great insight. I’m snoopy about stuff like this so thanks for sharing your answers.


  3. Ugh on 50. Ugh. lol Loved the Spring Bride. And yeah saving a book until retirement? Pffft!


    1. Haha. And that is all I have to say on the subject. 😉

      Yes. I had to put The Spring Bride on hold for a newer release, but I’ll be picking it right back up. I’m loving the series.


  4. You can’t see it but my jaw just hit the floor. I love Anna and Charles (Alpha & Omega). I was just talking to the Mister last night on how the author focuses all her time on the MT series and only comes out with an A&O book every few years. I think for me, my love of the characters is all in that prequel novella. The other books are good but that novella gets me every time I read it. And yes, I’ve read it probably about 10 times. LoL
    And don’t tell anyone but I had to look up Dan Brown. Never paid much attention to who wrote The Da Vinci Code. >.< Now I know.
    Loved this tag. It was great getting to know your tastes a bit more.


    1. You know – I think that was my issue. I read and loved the prequel, but I don’t feel like it set the tone for the series. I thought the first book really slowed things down. But I have had friends tell me to keep reading, that things pick up. I’m sure I’ll cave someday, but I don’t think it will be right off. Also, I listened to the first Alpha & Omega book, and I wasn’t a fan of the narrator.

      Your secret is safe with me. LOL

      It was a fun tag to do. And I hope your jaw is OK! 😉


  5. oh I just love your book tag and decided to participate as well!!! 🙂 I have no interest in Dan Brown, I like the movies based on his books but will probably never read him. I do agree about the Alpha and omega series, I hear amazing things, but I am picky about UF series. I see I need to love Paradise, I do love that author though and need to pick her up more.


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