Release Day Review | Surrender the Dark by Tibby Armstrong

Surrender the Dark by Tibby Armstrong | The Dark #1
Paranormal Romance, LGBTQIA
Publishing on May 23rd, 2017
ARC from Netgalley


Book Blurb: 

As a provocative series of paranormal temptation begins, a vampire king seduces the supernaturally gifted man hunting him. But when the stakes are literally life or death, their struggle for control is no game.

Benjamin Fuller is a hunter, born and bred. Blinded as a child by the vampire who slaughtered his family, he’s blessed with a second sight that allows him to catch and kill his quarry. What his gift can’t help him see coming is his fierce, almost carnal attraction to the mystery man who claims to be a fellow hunter and whose touch triggers both lust and revulsion. When he gains the upper hand, Benjamin vows to bring his enemy to his knees.

After many years spent in exile, the only one who can help restore Tzadkiel Dragoumanos to his rightful place as War King is a blind hunter with golden curls, a lithe dancer’s physique, and distinctive facial scars—scars Tzadkiel gave him two decades ago. The mere scent of Benjamin Fuller provokes an unwelcome rush of insatiable desire. Yet to win an all-out supernatural war, Tzadkiel must resist the ravenous hunger to possess his prey—for now.

| Book Review |

Surrender the Dark is the story of a vampire king and the hunter who seeks revenge for the one who killed his family. I have to admit, I almost didn’t finish this book, but since I’d DNFd the one before it, I stuck it out longer that I would have. I’m glad I did. There were parts of the book that I liked, but parts of it were problematic for me. For one thing, I thought the dialogue in this one was incredibly awkward most of the time, and as a result, it didn’t feel as if the pair ever became comfortable with each other or developed deep feelings. And I do think that if Zad and Benjamin had slept together at the beginning of this story, there could have been so much more sexual tension. That part of the story was seriously lacking. There were also some events that occurred that, had there been any foreshadowing, could have been interesting. The way they were presented didn’t give me the shock factor that I think the author was going for, because they really came out of nowhere. There was nothing leading up to them. Also, ‘fuck you’ was supposed to be Benjamin’s ‘trademark wit’ and comeback based on how he’s perceived by Zad, but all it did for me was make him sound inarticulate. Especially when the rest of the story felt like it was searched and replaced with terms found in a thesaurus. Also, at no point in the story did I feel like Benjamin was a worthy adversary for Zad, and based on the blurb (When he gains the upper hand, Benjamin vows to bring his enemy to his knees,) I should have.

Having said all that, I think the world was very interesting, and I loved the secondary characters in this story, especially Nyx. Her dynamic with her parents was very interesting, and I am excited to read more about that. I also did really like Benjamin. I just think we could have been given so much more from his character, and I’m disappointed we weren’t.

The end of this story felt a little Breaking Dawn-ish and could have used some originality, but overall, it was interesting enough that I’m considering reading the next in the series.

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Series: The Dark


21 thoughts on “Release Day Review | Surrender the Dark by Tibby Armstrong

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  1. Wow the premise sounded good but it seems the execution wasn’t up to par. I might still give it a try but it’s not a high priority. Great review otherwise.


  2. Dialogue usually isn’t the first thing to catch my attention, but if it does, it is usually really clever or really not. Bummer this one had its issues, but glad the world and the broader cast of characters was a good part.


  3. I am glad to hear that you did find parts you enjoyed in this book. It can be hard to do when you had previously thought about putting it aside. Great review!


  4. I do agree that Tzad probably could’ve easily killed Benjamin if he wanted to sooner, but I guess I didn’t have the same problems with the dialogue and romance that you did. I’m really curious to know what the whole Nyx secret thing is, but I might not continue the series since I don’t really like series that change MCs.


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