ARC Review | White Hot by Ilona Andrews

White Hot by Ilona Andrews | Hidden Legacy #2
Urban Fantasy
Publishing on May 30th, 2017
ARC from Edelweiss


Book Blurb: 

Nevada Baylor has a unique and secret skill—she knows when people are lying—and she’s used that magic (along with plain, hard work) to keep her colorful and close-knit family’s detective agency afloat. But her new case pits her against the shadowy forces that almost destroyed the city of Houston once before, bringing Nevada back into contact with Connor “Mad” Rogan.

Rogan is a billionaire Prime—the highest rank of magic user—and as unreadable as ever, despite Nevada’s “talent.” But there’s no hiding the sparks between them. Now that the stakes are even higher, both professionally and personally, and their foes are unimaginably powerful, Rogan and Nevada will find that nothing burns like ice…

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You know what’s really funny? I bogged myself down with reads so much that I was afraid I wasn’t going to finish this book by the time I wanted to review it. Of course, once I picked it up, I laughed at myself. As if I was going to be able to put this book down once I started it. White Hot was, in true Ilona Andrews style, gripping to the point where I quit life for five to six hours. This book picks up two months after Burn for Me, and while two months isn’t very long, it’s time Nevada has spent it exploring her powers. And again, I know I should let it go, but I can’t – this cover, man. What the heck? Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I was glad Mad Rogan spent a bigger portion of this book shirtless, but it certainly wasn’t enough to warrant this cover. And I don’t remember Nevada thrusting her chest out like that. But at least the cover captured Rogan’s possessiveness, and holy did he take that to some new levels.

Moving on…the action sequences in this book were superb. Things were described so well; I could picture exactly what was going on. And I just love the dynamic between Nevada’s family – how they go to the wall for each other; how, despite her better judgement, she can’t help but bring Mad Rogan into the fold; and how when they take someone in, all bets are off and battles are on to keep them safe. They are such good people down to their very cores. I just love everything about them. As I mentioned earlier, we got to see Nevada’s magic change and grow, and she is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Which is a good thing, because no one who is a pushover is going to be able to handle Mad Rogan, who we also learn more about in this book, specifically one traumatic event that definitely had a huge hand in who Mad is today. It was devastating to read about.

I love the slow build of this series; and not only the world and the introduction of the different houses and powers, but the sexy build between Nevada and Mad. That is one of the things that is seriously lacking in my favorite genre, Contemporary Romance, and I am so thrilled that I was able to get that from this series. They have chemistry galore, and I am so happy the authors let it simmer for so long.

In my opinion, this series should be read in order. There are little tidbits and exchanges between Nevada and Mad that have meaning linked to the prior book, and though they’re little, it’s fun being in the know. Also, while the main story in Burn for Me was wrapped up, as was the one in White Hot, there is a bigger arc taking place that spans the series and would be best enjoyed if read sequentially. As much as I loved the first book, White Hot was even better, and it has me so excited for Wildfire! And that ending…wowza. I want to dive right in. Thank God it’s a short wait!

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Series: Hidden Legacy


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I was in the dragons cave, on the dragons bed, and he thought he caught me. But he was wrong. I caught him.

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  1. I am the same way. I blow through their books because I get so hooked on the story. Glad it is still wonderful through book two with her coming into her own as a magic wielder and her fun, loyal family.


  2. LOL!! I love that we both have the exact same thoughts about these covers! They don’t capture the characters at all!

    I can’t wait to read this!


  3. I just snagged this up for release today and I’m so excited – wish I could put everything on hold to read it now, lol! I’m so glad you loved this latest installment – gorgeous review. And, thanks for the lovely comment in Book Swoon. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This book was impossible to put down wasn’t it? I read it back when I first got it in January and then never wrote my review. I ended up reading it again this past weekend and think I might have liked it even more the second time around. I am so glad that you enjoyed it. I do think that someone needs to buy Rogan a shirt…what is Avon thinking?!


    1. Oh, good gravy yes. I can’t believe how fast I blew through it. I just wish I had time to read Wildfire NOW! LOL

      Right – and a six pack? Really? Rogan strikes me as an eight pack sort of hero. 😉


  5. oh yay!! Don’t you just love it when a book is so compelling that you quite life for a while. I love those books. I was curious to see how they handled book two. I just really loved book one and am curious to see how this one plays out. Great review you have here.


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