ARC Review | The Red by Tiffany Reisz

The Red by Tiffany Reisz
Erotica, BDSM
Publication Date | July 11th, 2017
ARC from Tiffany’s Manservant


Book Blurb: 

Mona Lisa St. James made a deathbed promise that she would do anything to save her mother’s art gallery. Unfortunately, not only is The Red painted red, but it’s in the red. She soon realizes she has no choice but to sell it.

Just as she realizes she has no choice but to sell it, a mysterious man comes in after closing time and makes her an offer: He will save The Red if she agrees to submit to him for the period of one year.

The man is handsome, English, and terribly tempting…but surely her mother didn’t mean for Mona to sell herself to a stranger. Then again, she did promise to do anything to save The Red…

| Review |

I’m going to go the Captain Obvious route and start off this review by saying this book was hot as hell. Tiffany Reisz has written a lot of steam in the past, but nothing quite so steamy (that I’ve read) as The Red. As soon as I settled in to read, I knew I was going to fall in love with this story. The entire premise of Mona nearly losing The Red, the deathbed promise to her mother, and willingly selling herself to save the beloved art gallery is so alluring. Mona and Malcom’s story is steeped in sexiness, and it just gets better as we start each new chapter. The way this story is formatted, with each section named after a painting to give hints of what’s to come (for Mona and the reader,) was genius. And while The Red is contemporary, I appreciate that the author still takes the time to develop this world. Her stories are so lush and vibrant, and that’s something I don’t often feel from contemporary reads.

I really enjoyed Mona’s character. She was loyal and loved experiencing new things, and she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind to Malcolm when things felt shaky. Even at the possibility of him walking away she wouldn’t cower. I loved the mystery surrounding Malcolm. He was a man who made things happen, and his stamina was unparalleled – men like him are what fantasies are made of. The Red progresses in a way that ups the tension with every encounter, and it soon becomes clear that there is much much more to Malcolm that Mona ever dreamed. And that ending! GAH! It was perfection. I did not see it coming, but I loved every single second!

I don’t want to go into more detail because I would hate to spoil this story for anybody, so I’ll just say that if you’re a fan of The Original Sinners series, I don’t think this book will disappoint you. And if you’ve never read Tiffany Reisz but are a fan of erotica and BDSM, this would be a wonderful introduction to her writing. The Red was a huge hit for me, and I can’t wait to see what the author’s next offering will be!

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38 thoughts on “ARC Review | The Red by Tiffany Reisz

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    1. I think you are right. This particular book would be too sexy for you. But if you want to give the author a go, The Headmaster was very good. It was a gothic romance with a lot less heat!


  1. Yay! I’m so glad you loved this one! I still haven’t read her, but I’m not really all that interested in erotica so it makes me nervous. The cover is stunning though.


    1. Because I know your reading tastes, I feel comfortable telling you to disregard that portion of the description. (Not for this book – this one isn’t for you.) But her Original Sinners series, much like the Captive Prince trilogy, is very layered and the characters are amazing. If you commit to reading the first two books, I think you’ll be hooked.


  2. I really enjoyed The Night Mark but it wasn’t erotica. Erotica is just not my thing. I almost requested this one on NetGalley but thought it would be too much for me. I am glad you enjoyed it.


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