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This weeks topic is:

Do you feel pressure to read more in genres that other bloggers read?

No, not at all. I do feel excited to read more in other genres because there are bloggers that lead me to them, but not because I feel pressured to. Just a desire. I have been watching a lot of youTube book reviewers lately, and most of the channels that pop up focus on YA, particularly YA Fantasy. And again, while it doesn’t make me feel pressured, it does make me feel like I could be missing out on some phenomenal reads. (My recent read of Shadow & Bone confirms that!) It’s the same with Urban Fantasy. I came to the UF genre very late in the game, and every time there’s a new release in a series that is already like five books deep, I feel that I am missing out on that new release hubbub and excitement. I wish I could read faster! But pleasure reads are something that need to be worked in between ‘copies for reviews’ reads, so it’s a never ending cycle of trying to play catch up! So, to sum it up, I never feel pressured to read from other genres because of other bloggers. But damn if I don’t feel like I’m missing out!

How about you? Do you feel like you need to read more from other genres because some other bloggers do, or are you like me and feel like you might be missing out?

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  1. I never really felt pressured to read what others were reading, but I would become aware of books so many people were loving. And that isn’t a bad thing. I picked up books I wouldn’t have otherwise.

    I did have a little stress though when I began to read mainly romance a few years ago. I started my blog as a YA blog because that was what i was primarily reading. But then I fell hard into romance and haven’t looked back.


  2. I don’t feel pressured, at least not as much as I used to. Over the past seven years of blogging, I will admit that there have been times I have felt a bit pressured. But honestly, I am proud of what I read, and if it means less followers and smaller group of friends in the blogger community, than so be it. I am not ashamed and I love what I read. Romance is what makes me happy. I just know that YA will never be for me and I won’t ruin my love of reading. But there is my rant for the day hehe There are some other genres I have more interest in like cozy mysteries, thrillers, and regular sci fi fiction.


    1. Yes, I love romance, too. Right now I am huge into YA, but I know I go in cycles. Next week it could be erotica!

      Oh, I really want to give some cozy mysteries a try. They have the best titles and covers.


  3. Angie, feel free to leave your link on my blog for your post. I know what you mean. There are so many series I still haven’t gotten to that others love and when the hype is on for one of the new releases I feel the same way. I am slowly catching up on those series. Thanks for doing TMST!


  4. I do feel like most UF series out there are long and no amazing new ones are popping up, quite sad. But I feel ya, not so fun jumping in in a 10 book series


  5. No.. I have never felt the pressure but if most of them say “IT IS AWESOME!” then they get me. I LOVE great reads and never want to miss any even though it is from the genre I’m not familiar. I just love awesome books.

    Awesome discussion, Angie. Love it! 😁❤️


  6. I don’t feel pressured at all either. I haven’t even read Harry Potter yet while everyone seems to talk about it constantly. I feel pressured to keep up with my pile of ARCs but that is really about it.


  7. Can’t say I’ve ever felt pressured to change what I read either. I have picked up some over the years I might not have paid attention to without seeing a friend mention them but that’s all 🙂


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