Tell Me Something Tuesday | Would you rather time travel or teleport?

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This weeks topic is:

Would you rather time travel or teleport? 

I think I would rather time travel. There are some events in my life that I would love to relive, and some events that I don’t remember as acutely I’d like. Lots of family memories, of course, especially holidays with my grandparents who are either gone or not well (or my Nana, who I am pretty sure is going to outlive us all,) and I think it would be fun to relive some of my concert memories. Being able to teleport would be nice, but I can see myself waiting until the last minute for everything. And then I’d lose my commute to work, which means less audio time, and that is just not an option. So time travelling it is, as I’d rather relive moments in time instead of saving time. 

If you had the choice, which would you rather do?

15 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Tuesday | Would you rather time travel or teleport?

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  1. Oh, this is a tricky one. I think I’d chose to teleport. Sometimes it would be nice to just “be there” instead of spending time “getting there.” I could have more time at home in the morning because I wouldn’t need to commute to the office. I’d just teleport there. If I wanted to travel overseas, no long flights, no sucky layovers or missed connections – just teleport there. Time travel seems tempting but my fear would be that I’d get somewhre and not be able to get back. Ack!
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books


  2. Teleport. I’d love to time travel too, but I’d be too afraid of cause and effect. What I accidentally changed in the past messing up what I love in the present. Plus, I’m lazy enough to choose getting from point A to point B with a blink.


  3. I was just thinking the same thing about teleporting, losing the audibook time would be a bummer, but everything else is a plus. I know, to visit my mom or my grandparents again would be so nice.


  4. This is a hard one, but as much as I love the idea of time travel, I’d pick teleport. Similar to what Birdie has said, I’d be too concern about the cause and effect in time traveling. I’d prefer to leave what I’ve said and done be just that. Vs. in teleporting, it’s kind of a special tool to help out with time management. 😉


  5. Hmmm, tough one because they both sound fabulous. I think I’d go with teleport though. I like the idea of instantly being somewhere instead of having to spend so much time traveling. I’m sure my decision is based on the fact that I spend way too much time sitting in traffic every day, lol.


  6. I think I’d definitely rather teleport. Thares so many places I’d like to see and also Internet friends that live on the other side of the world that I’ll never get to meet 😦


  7. Ohh, that is a fantastic question!!! As a newly acquired (and already obsessed) Outlander fan I would say Time Travel. However, Teleporting is also good because it would solve a lot of hassle while travelling. I do love to travel, but I dread the actual process of travelling, so that would be very useful.


  8. Time travel would be neat but I’d be all over the teleport. My family is 600 miles away and would be amazing to be able to skip that 9-11 hour travel and be there instantly 🙂


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