Tell Me Something Tuesday | Winter Picks for 2018

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This weeks topic is:

Winter Picks for 2018



You guys didn’t really think you’d see a list on page without a Santino Hassell book, did you? 😉

It’s always hard to know when to stop when you’re hammering down a list, but I think six is a good round number.

Outside of The Original Sinners series, The Headmaster is my favorite Tiffany Reisz book, so I am thrilled to see another gothic romance from her! I know she’s going to have something interesting in store for readers – she always does.

More Than We Can Tell by Brigid Kemmerer feels like it is so far away. Letters to the Lost was so beautifully written, and I cannot wait to dive into this follow up. I was so tickled pink when I found out we were getting Rev’s story!

As for Chanel Cleeton – come on, now. She had her work cut out for her with her Flying Aces series. She put Easy on everyone’s radar, and that he lived up to expectations in the final installment of that series solidifies her as a must read in my book! So of course I am anxiously awaiting Next Year in Havana.

The Cruel Prince and The Hazel Wood have been getting some buzz among my favorite youTubers as of late, and it is making me so excited for these books. I cannot wait to read both of them! I’m reading more fantasy than ever, and I want them NOW!

What upcoming releases are on your radar for this winter?

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  1. I recently listened to a podcast interview with Santino Hassell and now I just want to read him so badly especially since I am looking for some good M/M romance although I hear he is thinking about adding in some M/F eventually which would be neat too. Which book of his do you recommend I try out first?

    Great list here, so many good winter releases though. I had a hard time narrowing down my list in my discussion post.


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