Celebrating #BerkleyBookmas with Sparrow Beckett

‘Tis the season to be read-y, and Books & Beauty Are My Bag is thrilled to be kicking off winter with Berkley Bookmas. This event is full of fun extras –  exclusive content from authors including exclusive excerpts, deleted scenes, author recipes and more! 

The calendar below gives you even more detail:

Today we get to delve deeper into the mind of a few of Sparrow Beckett’s creations as she interviews a pair of brothers. I’m loving their banter, and I can’t wait to give the Masters Unleashed series a go! Read on to see what these brothers have to say about owning a BDSM club…and if there’s romance in their future. Dun dun dun dun…

When I thought about which character(s) fans might want to hear from, my mind immediately went to the Masters Unleashed heroes – Banner, Ambrose, and Konstantin. In terms of sex appeal, these three Doms had it in spades. Add in some funny banter and we’re in for a good time. But most people already know everything about those three. Who they don’t know is their friend, and owner of the BDSM club, Catacombs, William Ellis. A man as sexy as he is enigmatic. Since Will hates these sorts of public appearances, he dragged his brother, Grant, along too.

Right when I saw them, I knew I was in for a…unique experience for the interview.

Me: So… Grant and Will. The notorious owners of Catacombs… Do you guys work well together? They say not to mix family and business but obviously the club is doing well.

Will: Yes, Grant and I tend to agree on most things.

Grant:  He pretty much does what he wants.

Will: And you agree to let me.

Grant: *grunts*

Will: See?

Me: Seeing as how you both run a BDSM club…does that mean you’re both Doms?

Will: We’re both dominants, yes.

Grant: We’re not Doms, we’re Masters.

Will: Didn’t we talk about this earlier, fucknut?

Grant: I vaguely remember you talking at me. It was early. I didn’t have my coffee yet.

Will: I said, “Grant, don’t scare the interviewer by getting into that. People don’t always understand.”

Grant: Yup. Sounded like blah blah blah – kind of like now.

Me: I heard Catacombs is being remodeled. How’s that going?

Will: Yes, we decided it was time to give the place a facelift. We’ve hired Shift Designs to come in and do our remodel. We’re very happy with their plans.

Grant: You’re happy with more than their plans.

Will: Grant.

Grant: What? She’s hot. If you hadn’t gotten there first…

Will: I’d prefer if you didn’t include that part in the interview.

Grant: Did I mention she’s vanilla? If Will ever lands her, he’s going to break her if he isn’t careful.

Will: Shut up. *points to his brother* See what I have to deal with? This is why I run the place and he *air quotes* travels for business.

Grant: You miss me when I’m gone. Admit it.

Will: *gives Grant the finger*

Me: Do either of you have collared submissives? Do you want one or do you prefer to keep things light with play partners?

Will: I haven’t had a submissive for over a year. I wouldn’t say I’m actually looking at this point.

Grant: I have my eye on someone, but she kind of hates me.

Will: Who?

Grant: You’ll find out if it happens.

Will: Why are you being so cryptic?

Grant: No reason.

Will: Do I know her?

Grant: Uhh… Do you have any more questions for us?

Me: If someone visited Catacombs for the first time, what should they expect to see?

Grant: Orgies… Whips and chains… pools of blood…

Will: *shakes head* I should have left you at home.

Grant: I’m kidding. Those are stereotypes. The real thing is never that scary.

Will: Kinksters are regular people, just like you and I. Every night at Catacombs is a little different. You might see a lot of impact play one night and then another night predicament bondage or role play. No matter what, it’s consensual and everyone is having fun. We’re a tight knit community.

Grant: A family even.

Will: We all look out for each other. Whether a dominant is giving a submissive a spanking or a top is using a violet wand on a switch, we make sure it’s safe and pleasurable for everyone involved.

Grant: *looks at me* So…when are you coming by?

Time for me to wrap things up with these two. How I wish Catacombs was a real place and close by! Master in Shining Armor and All’s Fair in Love and Mastery will be coming to all e-book distributors in 2018!

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