Tell Me Something Tuesday | What are your goals for 2018?

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This weeks topic is:

What are your goals for 2018?

The Goodreads Goal – When it comes to reading, I think the most obvious goal is the Goodreads goal most readers set for themselves. I know there’s a lot of hubbub about the Goodreads goal and how much pressure it puts on you – but you’re the boss. If you’re feeling the pressure, you get to change the goal! I set my goal for 120 books this year. It’s one more book than I read last year, but less than I read the year before. If I can avoid any major life changes this year (none planned!) I should be able to stay on track.

Read More Historical Romance – I feel like I really veered away from this in 2017, and I want to get back to it. I think what is hindering me from picking up this sub-genre is that the heroines seem to be so miserable with their lives. Which I do get; this obviously was not the best time to be a woman, but I miss historicals from the ‘olden days’ with heroines who enjoyed their lives (obviously this would be the aristocrats,) and liked partying until dawn. I would be thrilled if I could find just one book like this. I don’t want to feel like I’m reading a contemporary heroine in a historical book.

Be a Better Buddy Reader – I feel like I flake out on buddy reads or fall behind a lot. This is something I really want to work on in 2018. I need to set my mind to it, and stop worrying about what else I’m missing out on in the book world.

Read More Local Authors – I don’t find a ton of authors from my state (Maine,) and it would be nice to find some I could support by buying their books. I have tried multiple times to read a Stephen King book, but I have never been able to make it through one. Maybe this will be the year I pick up Delores Claiborne or The Shawshank Redemption and finish a King book! Clearly his horror ones are not working for me.

Set More Short-term Reading and Blogging Goals – This goal, if I could rise to the challenge, would help me out the most. Some nights I get home from work and I am so tired I just fall right onto the couch and the television goes on. But really, if I could force myself, it would be nothing to pick up a book and read even just 10% or put together a ‘Waiting for’ Wednesday post. It could help me stay on track and assist me in meeting my other goals!

So there they are – my goals for 2018! I would love to know if you have set any reading or blogging goals for yourself, and what they are if you did. 🙂

Now…let’s conquer 2018!

11 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Tuesday | What are your goals for 2018?

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  1. Great list. I don’t know if adding an aim on Goodreads would motivate me or not but I may give it a try. For me I’d just like to read more diverse authors/stories outside of my personal experience.


  2. Good luck with all your goals! As for local authors, maybe swing by a local indie bookstore and ask if they have a section. I work at a small bookstore in VA, and we love supporting local authors, and I’m sure you have bookstore near you that would love to give you suggestions. I’m a huge King fan, but I get that he’s not for everyone. Eyes of the Dragon is the book I most recommend for people who don’t like King’s horror (it’s more of a fairytale), but Dolores Claiborne is great- her voice is so alive! Here’s to a great 2018 full of great books and great blogging moments!


  3. Those are some great reading goals. My advice is don’t stress over it and then you will find it easier to proceed. If I am constantly reading to meet a goal, I find it loses the fun.


  4. I set my Goodreads goal for 52 this year, lol. One book a week. I know I’ll do way more than that, I mean last week I read 3, but I figured it was a way for me to have fun with the goal this year and not feel stress whenever it said I wasn’t keeping up. Those words taunt me.

    I straddle the line with King’s books. Sometimes I love them, and sometimes they’re just too much for me. You should check out Joyland. It’s not a horror, it’s more coming of age, and one of his shorter stories. Joyland and IT are my two favorites, and they’re complete opposite sides of the spectrum.

    (You’re an awesome buddy read partner.)


  5. What a wonderful set of goals! I really need to try to read more local authors myself and make sure that I am reading a variety of genres. I like the idea of setting smaller goals as well.


  6. I haven’t quite established my bookish and blogging goals for this year yet. Last year I read a lot less books than normal, so this year, I kept my goodreads goal lower at 100 books. I also want to read more historical romance, and also more romances with diverse characters. I really want to read more Beverly Jenkins!


  7. Yay for some blogging and reading goals! I wish you well with all of them. And that there are no life upheavals that get in your way (unless you want them). lol


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