Tell Me Something Tuesday | How do you find time to read?

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This weeks topic is:

How do you find time to read?

Finding time to read has really become an issue for me over the last six months or so. That’s when I discovered bookTube, and I feel like that has really hindered me from reading as much as I want. No illusions – I know this is due to the way I priorituze – i.e. come home from work and fall onto the couch because I’m exhausted. And the fact of the matter is, it’s so much easier to watch something that read something. For me, it requires much less attentiveness, as I am not so obsessed about having missed something vital. I am continually trying to balance the youTube with reading, and I think (and hope) I’m getting a better handle on it. Here are some ways I’m trying:

Audio – I listen as often as I can, and I seem to get in the most listening first thing in the morning while I get ready to tackle the day. I sometimes listen at work, though that depends on how much focus my task requires. And I also listen in the car. My commute is only four minutes now (no listening there,) so sometimes when I leave work, I’ll take ‘the long way’ home just to get some reading in. It’s also a great way to unwind if my day has been stressful.

Packing Lunches – In the grand scheme of things, a half an hour is not much time. But when you’re looking for time to read, it’s precious. If I prep my lunches instead of leaving my office for work, I can get a solid half hour of reading in right in the middle of the day!

Setting Daily Goals – I am a goal oriented person, and that’s one reason why to-do lists have always worked so well for me. I have recently started applying this to my reading life, and it’s amazing how much reading you can get done in half an hour or an hour when you set an alarm. I also find that since I know this is my only allocated time for reading, I am much more focused.

Setting Smaller Goals – Rarely am I able to sit down and bang out a book in a single day like I could when I was younger. Adulting just does not allow that. I’ve discovered that if I set smaller goals (for example: read for 1/2 hour a day, read to 25%, or read 75 pages,) I am excited to meet that goal and make it a point to fit that in my day. Getting rid of the all or nothing approach to reading was hard, but I somehow managed to do it over the years.

There you have them! The ways I try to fit reading into my daily schedule. If you have some ideas, I’d love to know what they are!

9 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Tuesday | How do you find time to read?

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  1. These are great suggestions!

    I sometimes fall down the YouTube rabbit hole and my reading always takes a hit when that happens. Luckily, I know that it ebbs and flows for me, so I kind of just let it happen.

    I love listening to audiobooks because I can multitask for sure.


  2. I tend to still gravitate toward a book even when I’m exhausted from work. I generally only give it a chapter or two in that instance. The one that has really made more books possible with a busy day has definitely been the audio option. Good tips, Angie!


  3. I know, I can seldom sit down and read a whole book in a day anymore. Life requires too much time and attention. However, audiobooks make it so much easier to multitask. I am glad you have found ways to sneak in extra reading time.


  4. It can be hard to fit in as much reading as I want to. You are right adulting doesn’t always allow for it. I do listen to audiobooks at work and spend a lot of my weekend reading. I do set smaller goals like you do during the week with a target amount to read.


  5. Audiobooks are great. I use them when cleaning the house or walking and definitely makes it easier to get through things and add books to the finished column.


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