ARC Review | Switch Hitter by Sara Ney

Switch Hitter by Sara Ney
New Adult, Romance
Publication Date | March 15th, 2018
ARC from Inkslinger PR and the author


Book Blurb:

I knew something was wrong the second she walked in the door tonight; I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was.
Same hair color.
Same legs.
Same face.
Except…I look harder.
At the small dimple beneath her lip that wasn’t there the last time we went out. And her laugh—that laugh isn’t as loud.
This isn’t the girl I’ve gone out with the past few weeks.
It’s her twin sister, and they’ve switched places on me.
Only I’m not quite ready to let them switch back.

*Included in anthology, Team Player

| Review |

I do love a good twin story, and with the old twin switcheroo kicking this novella off, I knew I was going to enjoy this one. Amelia and her twin, Lucy, couldn’t be more different. While both were happy go lucky, Lucy seemed to be missing the logic Amelia had. So when Lucy inadvertently makes two dates for one night, she enlists Amelia to go on one of them so she has another man in the wings. This book was fun from the beginning. I loved Amelia’s devotion to her sister (even if it was a bit misplaced,) and the chemistry between her and Dash was hot. I loved her inner struggle over her attraction to a man her sister was dating, and I love that even when she could see Dash slipping away, she was adamant he deserved more than a break up text. She was just an all around likable person, and I could easily see myself being friends with someone like her. As this was a novella, the pacing of this novel was pretty quick, but even so, it didn’t feel rushed.

My only gripe about the story was the constant Spanish words followed by English translation. It was so often that it was awkward and out of place. And at first, with the chapter headers showing ‘Dante, but the male character being known as ‘Dash,’ I thought maybe we were in for a double twin storyline. But that wasn’t the case – ‘Dash’ was a name his team had given him, and Dante was his real name. A bit of confusion there, but it wasn’t long before iI figured it out.

Overall, I really enjoyed Switch Hitter, and it has me excited for the first full book in the Jock Hard series. And if Sara Ney ever decided she wanted to expand this story and give us more of Amelia and Dash, I would totally be on board with that!

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Sara Ney is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the How to Date a Douchebag series, and is best known for her sexy, laugh-out-loud New Adult romances. Among her favorite vices, she includes: iced latte’s, historical architecture and well-placed sarcasm. She lives colorfully, collects vintage books, art, loves flea markets, and fancies herself British.

She lives with her husband, children, and her ridiculously large dog.

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  1. I always wished that I had a twin just so I could pulll this kind of switch. This does sound like a fun story but the translation thing does sound confusing.

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