ARC Review | Order of Protection by Lexi Blake

Order of Protection by Lexi Blake | Courting Justice #1
Contemporary Romance | Romantic Suspense
Publication Date | June 5th, 2018
ARC from the publisher



Book Blurb:

To high-end defense attorney Henry Garrison, Win Hughes is a woman he met during one of the most trying times of his life. She’s soft and warm, and he finds solace in their brief relationship. But Win has a secret. She’s actually Taylor Winston-Hughes—born to one of the wealthiest families in the country, orphaned as a child by a tragic accident. Win moves in the wealthiest circles, but her lavish lifestyle hides her pain.

When her best friend is murdered in the midst of a glittering New York gala, Win’s charged with the crime, and the only person in the world she wants to see is Henry.

Henry is shocked at the true identity of his lover, but he can’t reject the case. This trial could take his new firm into the stratosphere. Still, he’s not getting burned by Win again. And yet every turn brings them closer together.

As the case takes a wild turn and Win’s entire life is upended, she must look to the people she’s closest to in order to find a killer. And Henry must decide between making his case and saving the woman he loves…

| Review |

Lexi Blake is an author that’s been on my radar for a while now, and I knew the second I saw the stunning cover of this book where I’d be starting. Order of Protection kicks off the Courting Justice series about three men who partner up and start a law firm. Unlikely allies as they may seem, each bring something different to the table. In this installment, we get Henry Garrison’s story. Henry is a recovering alcoholic who, six months sober, finds staying that way a constant struggle. I really enjoyed the first impression of Henry – he was charismatic and considerate, and he treated Win with respect from the get-go. Win’s character also won me over from the moment she was introduced. She was funny, quirky, and kind – all things Henry hadn’t had in his life in a long time. I really enjoyed the way this story took off with Henry and Win deciding they could be temporary for each other. But once they reconnect, things took a bit of a turn for them. I still liked Win’s character – she was as determined and feisty as ever. But Henry, upon learning who Win really is, turns into a bit of an ass. Now, I liked him in spite of this. I thought his reasons for being concerned were credible – he was going to, once again, be thrust into the spotlight and no matter how you spin it, Win lied to him. I would have been a bit wary, too. I just think there were maybe times he took his asshole-ish behavior too far, even if I understood his motivation. But I still couldn’t help but find him endearing. I wanted so badly for him to be able to move on from a previous bad relationship and be with Win, but the man liked to wallow. He let who he’d been for such a short time in his life define him, and it made me sad for him. He didn’t think he deserved Win or any kind of happiness.

This book, even though the word wasn’t used right away, was quite insta-lovey. And while that doesn’t usually work for me, I have to say, I totally bought into it here. I really felt like Henry, a recovering alcoholic, and Win, recovering from her eating disorder, were two souls just destined to meet and fall in love. As different as they were, they had a lot in common and there was a level of understanding between them that lent an authenticity to their entire relationship. I adored watching them fall in love…and then fight it. Oh, and the sex scenes in this one were seriously steamy! Henry loved to tease Win, and Win wasn’t afraid to ask for what she wanted, and anytime they were burning up the sheets, it was so hot!

Aside from the love story, the highlight of this book for me was Henry’s partners. I loved the banter between the men, and it was hilarious to me how Noah, with no effort whatsoever, brought out Henry’s ornery side. I also loved David, and how he was candid with Henry and wasn’t afraid to tell him when he was being a jerk. He was a good friend to Henry, and that was something Henry desperately needed. I am excited to see that David’s book is next!

There were some twists in this book, and while I had a vague idea of where the story would go, I was never sure of what was going to happen until the very end. And just when I thought the twists were over, another one would rise up and surprise me.

I get the feeling that some of the characters who made appearances in this book have stories of their own. Having been my first read from this author, I am not sure what books they’re from, but I’m sure long-time fans will be happy to see them. For me, Order of Protection was a fantastic introduction to Lexi Blake’s writing. Not only will I be continuing with the Courting Justice series, I’ll also be diving into her back list.

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Series | Courting Justice


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  1. I have not tried her books, either, but I keep glancing at them and thinking I’d like them. This one does sound good. You have me convinced. 🙂

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    1. Oh, I think you would. If you do start this series, I would at least commit to reading the first two books. The first one isn’t quite as layered as the rest, but it’s still good! 🙂


  2. I haven’t had a chance to read this author yet either but this sounds really well done. I like it when a book can make me totally buy into an insta-love situation.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have been meaning to try this author, but have not gotten a chance, I hope to pick her books soon. This sounds interesting. Great review.

    Liked by 1 person

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