ARC Review | All That Glitters by Kate Sherwood

All That Glitters by Kate Sherwood
Contemporary Romance | LGBT
Publication Date | June 26th, 2018
ARC from the publisher



Book Blurb:

No matter what he tells himself, wealthy NYC architect Liam has never been able to forget his first love, Ben. But as he approaches midlife and realizes something is missing, can he forgive himself for the worst mistake he ever made—the one that left a hole no amount of career success can fill? Or will fear keep him from the full life he really wants?

Liam and Ben were childhood sweethearts, then college boyfriends. But when Liam cheated on Ben, Ben forced himself to cut ties and move on. He’s still living in the small town where they grew up, teaching, but it’s not the life he imagined for himself as a younger man. Still, when Liam returns, he can’t risk his heart again. He certainly can’t allow himself to love Liam again after fighting so hard to get over him.

Neither man wants to let go of the past and face their apprehension at starting over. They don’t want to fall in love a second time—but sometimes love happens whether it’s wanted or not.

| Book Review |

Having read and enjoyed Sacrati and the Common Law serial by this author, I thought All That Glitters would be a sure thing for me. Unfortunately, I was left disappointed in this book. Except for this cover – I can see this being a cover buy for a lot of people!

After fifteen years with not a single run-in, it seems former flames Liam and Ben can’t avoid each other even though they live three hours apart. When some bad luck at work brings Liam back to North Falls, nostalgia rises, and it’s not long before he and Ben are at each other again – this time not in the sexy way. I have to say, I find the fact that these two men have spend the last fifteen years pining for each other a bit incredible, especially since their backstory wasn’t fleshed out enough. Ben is still feeling bitter about Liam’s betrayal, and it’s laid on so thickly throughout this story that I’m not sure I could ever buy a happily ever after for these two men. Also, the sex was so glossed over that I was already a paragraph in before I realized it was happening, and then I had to go back and read it again to make sure it was! For all of the supposed build up to this, I think it could have been way steamier.

The fact that they were constantly being thrown together or manipulated for a few of the townspeople’s amusement really bothered me. I think Uncle Calvin was meant to be quirky, and there were parts of him that were, but mostly he seemed like a man who had too much time on his hands and desperately needed some hobbies so he could maybe do something other than be a busybody. On top of that, I find that the second chance love trope is just getting old. It’s something that rarely offers anything new, and often, like I mentioned here, relies on a backstory that’s never fully fleshed out. If this story had more depth between the two characters, and even to North Falls, which felt like a huge part of this story, it could have worked. I do want to mention though that I really really liked Liam’s character, and had this story been focused more on him and some self discovery, I think it could have been a beautiful story. But unfortunately All That Glitters, as is, felt lacking to me.

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8 thoughts on “ARC Review | All That Glitters by Kate Sherwood

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  1. Ah man! I was getting all excited that you found a Kate Sherwood I didn’t know about. It doesn’t sound all that glittery, though. I guess I’ll keep waiting for the one in August. 🙂

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  2. I am sorry this one didn’t work out as well as you had hoped. I do agree that it is a great cover 🙂 I like second chance romances but you are right in that the backstory needs to be well done to make it work. Great review!


    1. Yeah – I could hang it on my wall and stare at it for hours. LOL Yes, I need a hefty backstory to really be able to immerse myself into second chance romance. Or at the very least, lots of angst over the past and lots of development in the present.

      Thanks, Carole! 🙂


  3. I loved the Common Law books, but yeah, I didn’t really love this one. I liked aspects of it so it was a three star (my review will be coming soon!) for me as well. I wish there was more of them having an actual relationship instead of so much back and forth.


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    1. Yes, Ben seemed so intent on punishing Liam instead of moving on with him. Right up until the very end. Liam had been a jerk in the past, but if you can’t move on, then let go!

      I look forward to reading your thoughts!


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