ARC Review | Someone to Trust by Mary Balogh

Someone to Trust by Mary Balogh 
Series: Westcott
Genre: Historical Romance
Publication Date: November 27th, 2018
ARC from the publisher

During a rare white Christmas at Brambledean Court, the widow Elizabeth, Lady Overfield, defies convention by falling in love with a younger man in the latest novel in the Westcott series.

After her husband’s passing, Elizabeth Overfield decides that she must enter into another suitable marriage. That, however, is the last thing on her mind when she meets Colin Handrich, Lord Hodges, at the Westcott Christmas house party. She simply enjoys his company as they listen to carolers on Christmas Eve, walk home from church together on Christmas morning, and engage in a spirited snowball fight in the afternoon. Both are surprised when their sled topples them into a snowbank and they end up sharing an unexpected kiss. They know there is no question of any relationship between them, for she is nine years older than he.

They return to London the following Season, both committed to finding other, more suitable matches. Still they agree to share one waltz at each ball they attend. This innocuous agreement proves to be one that will topple their worlds, as each dance steadily ensnares them in a romance that forces the two to question what they are willing to sacrifice for love. . .

| Book Review |

Someone to Trust is the fifth installment of Mary Balogh’s Wescott series, and what a charming story this was! I fell in love with this from the very beginning – the camaraderie between Elizabeth and Colin was sweet and genuine, and their instant chemistry was swoonworthy. But beneath the sweetness of this story, Elizabeth and Colin are both battling demons, even if Elizabeth’s are more prominent. After a disastrous marriage, Elizabeth has given up hope of ever finding love again, but it’s worth the sacrifice to instead feel safe. Colin grew up in the fold of a dysfunctional family with terrible secrets, and it’s all hidden behind his charming smile. One of the things that makes this story so special is that while both of these characters have a lot of scars, they are fully functional and for the most part, happy go lucky people. Elizabeth is resistant to Colin’s seemingly off-handed charm, and when Colin realizes it’s time for him to settle down, and he gives it an honest try, immersing himself in society and spending time with the ‘right’ young women. If you’re a fan of slow burn romance, you’ll be happy to know that Colin and Elizabeth are deeply ensconced in their friendship, neither ready to admit what is really going on between them but also unable to push their feelings aside. And it’s a long time before they finally admit it. This gives them plenty of time to open up to each other, and their friendship really does defy convention; Colin asks Elizabeth some deeply personal questions, and they’re about a part of her life that, in those days, one shouldn’t talk about. I loved the way they were so easily able to share with each other and learn to trust each other. It really was the foundation of their entire relationship. The age gap was addressed wonderfully in this story – Elizabeth’s doubts and fears were credible, and I could understand why she was so hesitant and tried to keep her feelings hidden. But Colin was just too persistent to let Elizabeth’s age be a stumbling block for them.

As far as the secondary characters go, they really were wonderfully written. Elizabeth’s family, both sides, are close and quick to close ranks when one of their own is on display for ton fodder. They were so willing to show affection with each other, and I just loved the way they banded together. I would say, though, that there were times it got a bit overwhelming and confusing with the family members (I didn’t need to know exactly where every one of them were standing or sitting in a room, or what each one was doing when they were outside participating in winter activities,) and for this reason, I would suggest reading these books in order, as I think it would be easier to keep them straight. But, I picked up this book having read only one of the previous from the series, and it completely swept me away. So while I suggest it, it’s not one hundred percent necessary. Colin’s family, on the other hand, was not kind at all (with the exception of Wren,) but they were written very well and there were definitely some surprises in store with them.

I would be remiss if didn’t mention how stunning these covers are; I feel like they capture the gentle nature of this series perfectly. Someone to Trust was a beautiful story about there being no bounds to love, and I think Mary Balogh fans, and Historical Romance fans in general, are going to love this one. And there are so many more stories within this family to tell! I really hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the Wescotts.

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Series: Wescott



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  1. I adored this pair, too. They liked each other, genuinely and thoroughly, and then fell in love. Writers struggle to get that part right so often. Great review, Angie!

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