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Tess LeSue came onto my radar with the first book in her Frontiers of the Heart series, Bound for Eden. I was enchanted by the story, so of course I continued on! From the very first, Deathrider was a character who practically jumped off the page, and I have been thirsting for his story. When A.A. Archer appeared as a writer who dramatized Deathrider’s life in her fiction novels to further her career, I boarded that ship so fast! Well the ship sets sail today in Bound for Glory, and I could not be more excited! Or could I? Because Tess LeSue is here today to tell us how vivid a character Deathrider was from the very beginning along with some other tidbits, and I’m thrilled to share them with you today! Also, be sure to check back tomorrow when I share my thoughts on A.A. Archer and Deathrider’s long-awaited story, Bound for Glory.

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Falling for Deathrider’
Tess LeSue

The first time Deathrider came into my life, in Bound for Eden, it was a surprise:

In shock, Alex turned to see a dark silhouette looming above them near the base of the jutting rock. As she watched, it slunk down the steep rock, silent and graceful. It was an Indian man. Alex felt a stab of fear. She’d never been so close to an Indian before in her life. And this one was terrifying.

He was broad across the shoulders and chest, a fact emphasized by the fringing on his long buckskin shirt. His jet-black hair fell well past his shoulders and was decorated with a single black-tipped feather. His face was angular and cruel. But it was his eyes that really struck fear into Alex. They were so pale they were almost colorless, and were piercing like the eyes of a wolf. They seemed devoid of human emotion.

But then, as he stared down at her, she thought she saw a twinkle.

I remember staring at the screen of my laptop thinking ‘where did he come from?’. But, to be honest, that’s not unusual when I write. I’m easily hijacked by strong-willed characters. In Bound for Sin Georgiana’s twins ran riot through the story, dragging me (and the plot) in directions I hadn’t planned. Seline/Emma always did that too. I never knew what she was going to do in Bound for Temptation. I ran along behind her, desperately trying to keep up.

Deathrider is one of those characters. The kind of character you can’t control. A force. And a really funny one. He appeared in Bound for Eden, rescuing Alex from Silas Grady, and then stayed for the ride, just because he was so amused by the whole situation. His amusement is catching. The man is entertained by the messes people get themselves into and his inclination to poke the hornet’s nest only makes the messes worse, and more amusing. He and Matt made me laugh out loud in Bound for Sin. Their scenes were some of my favorites. Matt’s so irritable, a big gruff bear of a man, and Deathrider likes nothing more than to irritate him. And they were just so funny together, their dialogue so sharp. I think it’s Deathrider’s humor that makes him so irresistible. That twinkle. That dry wit. Even though, as the Frontiers of the Heart series has gone on, he’s found himself in more and more trouble. Each time Ava Archer writes a dime novel, his life gets that little bit more complicated. He’s been chased, ambushed, hunted, and even shot. And yet, even when things are at their worst, he doesn’t lose his wits, or his wit.

In Bound for Glory we get to see more of his backstory, we get to know his family, particularly his father, Two Bears. If you want to talk about characters who hijack a story, Two Bears is a perfect example. He made an appearance in Bound for Sin, but in Bound for Glory he’s matchmaking his heart out and making Deathrider’s life even more of a misery. The relationship between father and son is so incredibly funny and tender, and it unlocks Deathrider’s secrets for the reader. And for Ava Archer. If she isn’t in love with him before she sees him at home with his dad, she’s got no chance afterwards! I have to admit, I’m half in love with him myself (but possibly even more in love with his father, who has more charm that any man has a right to).

I have had more emails and messages on social media from readers on the topic of Deathrider than about any other subject, so I know Ava and I aren’t the only ones in love with him. I think there’s something about the combination of mystery, self-assurance, amusement, and danger mixed with tenderness that makes him an intoxicating hero. And who doesn’t love a man who can be sexy, powerful, and funny?

Bound for Glory by Tess LeSue | Frontiers of the Heart #4
Historical Romance, Western
Publication Date | December 3rd, 2019



An unwilling legend and the woman who made him one face off in this epic conclusion to the Frontiers of the Heart series.

He has many names. They call him Deathrider, White Wolf, The Plague of the West. He’s the ice-eyed killer of the plains; the ghost of the trail; the restless spirit who haunts the frontier from California to Missouri, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. They say he seeks vengeance for his murdered people; they say he never sleeps; they say he moves silently through the night and changes form to run with the wolves. And that he is as beautiful as Lucifer.

At least, so they say. Ava Archer wouldn’t know; she’s never seen him. But that doesn’t stop her from writing about him. The Plague of the West is her bread and butter, and after more than a dozen dime novels, she thinks she probably knows Deathrider better than he knows himself, even if she wouldn’t recognize him on the street. If only rumors of his death would stop getting in the way of a good story….

Those damn stories make Nathaniel Rides With Death’s life an absolute misery. Thanks to his unwanted notoriety, he’s hunted like an animal by an endless stream of gunslingers looking to make a name for themselves. When someone close to Nate is shot by one of the gunslingers, Nate decides it’s time to hunt down the novelist at the root of all his troubles. He has a plan to end this farce once and for all….

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Like I mentioned in my introduction, Deathrider stole my heart from the very first moment he hit the page. If you’ve read this series, I’d love to know who your favorite side character was. If not, what book have you read that had stellar side characters?

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  1. I love series when a side character rises out of the crowd to steal the show. I’ve seen authors admit that the character became larger than life out of the blue. I think that is one of the neatest parts of writing and being a series fan. This is a series that I will eventually get to thanks in large part to your reviews, Angie. 🙂


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