My Summer Reading List

I don’t know about you, but with all that’s going on in the world, I sure could use some predictability in my life. And it’s showing in what I want to read. It wasn’t long into compiling this list that I realized the bulk of it was rereads. And that makes sense, because with the exception of a few of these (that I want to read to catch up on series,) they’re some of my all time favorite reads. Will I make to all of these books this summer? Probably not. But they are all on my radar, and I do want to get to them eventually.

These are on my list because, quite frankly, as I was reading each series, I didn’t want to stop to review. And now here I am, at a standstill with both of them. Because I know if I don’t go back, re-read (or in this case, re-listen,) and review, I never will. And all of these books deserve to be reviewed. I enjoyed them immensely, and this time around, I am going to be a responsible blogger and review, review, review, review! Only then will I allow myself to move on!

I read the Dark-Hunter series so many years ago. And while Fantasy Lover wasn’t officially part of the series, it was where we met some of the initial characters for the first time. I remember reading these books back to back with a friend. I would bring them to work with me when I finished them, and she would read. She was just one day behind me, and we were pacing at one book a day. It was so much fun to have someone to discuss the books with! (This was before buddy reads were all the rage.) So my reasons for reading this are two-fold. I want to be bombarded by all the nostalgia, and I’m also interested to see if these books stand the test of time. I don’t bank on getting to all four of these this summer, but I couldn’t stop with the covers until I got to Dance with the Devil – which I remember being my favorite!

I’d be hard pressed to come up with a character who was screwed over by his creator more than Gideon Cross was. He was such an enigma and so sexy in Bared to You and Reflected in You. Then came Entwined with You, which, #1, wasn’t worth the wait, and #2, began the castration of Gideon Cross. The Crossfire series, sadly, is one of the worst I’ve ever read. But, the first two books in this series are some of the best I’ve ever read, and that’s why the spectacular fail of Gideon’s characterization hurt me so much. I re-read this book via audio at the start of almost every summer because New York is in the throes of the season when Bared to You begins. If you enjoy audio, Jill Redfield does some of the best narration ever in this series. If you haven’t read Crossfire, this is the way to go. But fair warning – only start if you have the self control to stop after the second book. Otherwise you’re in for a world of devastation.

If someone asked me to name the perfect YA book, I’m sure The Sea of Tranquility would come tumbling out of my mouth. I’ve always loved a story about two broken people coming together, and the fact that Nastya and Josh bring out something in the other that absolutely no one else can makes my heart sing and break all at the same time. I used to re-read this book via audio all the time. But it’s been a while, and I am feeling the need to read this again. This book was officially released by Simon & Schuster somewhere around 2013, and to date, the author hasn’t published anything else. (That I’m aware of.) On the one hand, this devastates me. But on the other, why mess with perfection?

One of the things that frustrates me most about myself is my inability to resist a shiny new ARC. If not for that, I would have read every Ellen O’Connell book out there. Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold and Beautiful Bad Man are my favorites of the ones I’ve read, though Beautiful Bad Man just wins out as my favorite. I think that Ellen O’Connell is one of the most underrated authors out there, and I hope more people discover her. It would be such an honor for me if my blog was one of the first that popped up when a review search was done for her stories. That’s why I need to get these books reviewed on my blog. I have a plan to read her entire back list over the next year, and I’ll probably start with these tried-and-trues!

I would love to know what your reading life has been like lately. I’d also love to hear – are you a serial re-reader? Do you have favorites that you like to read every year around the same time? Or do you like to have something new on your TBR pile?

Let’s chat about it in the comments!

13 thoughts on “My Summer Reading List

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    1. Yes. Based on reviews, I am prepared to abandon this series somewhere down the road. I’m hoping that if I space them out enough, they’ll keep my interest.

      Enjoy your own summer reads! 🙂


    1. They write such entertaining stories! I haven’t read enough of Hamilton yet,l but I love the intricate plots that Kenyon weaves. I’m interested to see how I like them upon reread.


  1. I think I’ve read a lot UF/PNR/Fantasy until I spot big names like Laurel K Hamiliton and Sherrilyn Kenyon and haven’t read even one of theirs. I do plan to.

    I like to re-read/re-listen and yes, certain books are for certain times of the year with me.

    Enjoy your summer reads, Angie!

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    1. I feel the same way, Sophia. I was so late to the UF game that some big names have already finished series that I haven’t even started yet.

      I LOVE seasonal reads! It gives me something special to look forward to.

      Thank you. I hope you enjoy your summer reads as well!


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