My Ratings Guide

Ratings guide:

My ratings guide is very simple – it mimics Goodreads, as that is where I first started reviewing and have been following their guidelines ever since. More depth and an explanation for my ratings can be found in my reviews.

5 stars – it was amazing – There’s a good chance I own a copy of this book, whether physical or ebook. Something about this book knocked my socks off, and I’ll be reading it again.

4 stars – really liked it – This book was an enjoyable read, and at least one of the characters really spoke to me and/or one of the story arcs stuck with me.

3 stars – liked it – This book was a decent read, but there was nothing about it that sets it apart from the other books in the same genre.

2 stars – it was OK – This is where I differ from Goodreads rating. This book will be forgotten once I’ve finished it, and there was probably not much I could find to like about it.

1 star – did not like it – There was nothing about this book worth reading, and there’s a good chance the main characters nearly drove me over the edge.


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